Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Three: A Guinea Pig Christmas Carol

This is my third book connected to A Christmas Carol and the fifth in this delightful series. Previous titles include Oliver Twist, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice and The Nativity. Opinion is divided as to whether these little books are utterly charming or indescribably naff but I was enchanted the moment I saw a small grey Mr Darcy in  top hat propose to a ginger and white Elizabeth Bennet. In later books ‘Elizabeth Bennet’ reappeared as the second shepherd and ‘Mr Darcy’ made a particularly intimidating King Herod. Each book contains an assurance that none of the animals were harmed or placed under any stress but I should imagine the reverse was true. We had a guinea pig a school and I looked after him for one holiday; he was a gregarious little creature and would have loved to have been involved in this sort of project. As it was he had to be content with the intricate obstacle courses I built for him.

In this volume Scrooge is a wonderful long-haired guinea pig called Beverlie-Anne, who looks particularly fetching in reading glasses and a nightcap. His nephew Fred is a dashing ginger and Marley’s ghost is positively scary. There is a portrait of Charles Dickens unlike any other.


As always we would like you to buy this book. Also, as always, we would like you to buy it from your local bookshop. Without your support it might not survive.

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