Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Seven: Melrose and Croc, Together at Christmas, Emma Chichester Clark

Melrose is a golden labrador who drives a delightful red vintage car and Croc is a small green crocodile who wears a red scarf. The story opens on the day before Christmas Eve with Melrose feeling lonely in his new flat and Croc arriving in town, excited at the prospect of seeing Father Christmas the next day. Things don’t go according to plan and it looks as if each will have a miserable Christmas until they crash into each other on the skating rink. Tea and the purchase of a huge tree follow and the two drive to Melrose’s now not so lonely flat, decorate the tree and have dinner. And, of course, they do see Father Christmas, flying past the window with his reindeer and sacks of presents. As later books show they lived together, happily ever after.


As always, we would like you to buy this book. Also, as always, we would like you to buy it from your local bookshop. Without your support it might not survive. 

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