Twelve Books for Christmas: Book Ten: The Best of Times, Michael Morpurgo, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

This charming little picture book opens with an idyllic scene: a castle upon a hill, lush green fields, delicate butterflies and, of course, a Prince and Princess, deeply in love. But then a sorrow descended on the Princess. All the Christmas presents money could buy failed cheer her and even when spring arrived she remained as sad as ever. The following Christmas the Prince carried her down to the Great Hall where everyone was assembled in an attempt to make her smile. Help comes from a group of puppeteers and a goose. This is an unusual Christmas story but it has the necessary seasonal happy ending with Michael Morpurgo’s words and Emma Chichester Clark’s illustrations matching perfectly.


As always we would like you to buy this book. 

Also, as always we would like you to buy it from your local bookshop

Without your support it might not survive.  

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