The Hundred Day Project Day 1: Cutting out Patchwork Squares

This is probably the prettiest but also the most uncomfortable garden seat ever made. The leaves and flowers are raised so they dig in sharply and the gaps between the branches are too wide for comfort. Some years ago I made a padded patchwork for it but, even with the thickest wadding, it needs to be triple-folded for the seat to be comfortable. 

The solution is obviously a second patchwork, preferably with even thicker wadding. I am following the blue squares theme but will alter the pattern and add in a bit of red and possibly green.Cutting out patchwork squares is very therapeutic and satisfying. Even more so if you iron them; piles of beautiful little swatches ready for their next transformation.

So far so good, one day done, ninety-nine to go. Even the cat is taking an interest.


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