The Hundred Day Project Day 3: Learning About Managing Time

The first thing I have learnt on the Hundred Day Project is that, however good one’s intentions are, Project Time is vulnerable. I had planned to start the papier mâché boats today, I intended to get everything organised and then be able to do as much or as little as I wanted each day. Slightly unexpectedly I’m working at Hatchards on Friday and Saturday. This is fine as I love working there but it meant that the things I was going to do on Friday had to be done on Thursday morning and my ‘early start’ became a ‘sort of after lunch start’. And then I was offered tea out. After breakfast and elevenses tea is my favourite meal so I was certainly not going to turn that down. On Monday I start a week of holiday which will be devoted to getting all this under control.

Two of the joys of patchwork are that, at most stages, you can do it almost anywhere and can pick it up for five minutes at a time or even less. So the rest of this week will be patchwork. This is a quilt I started an embarrassingly long time ago. It grew too large and I’ve used some of ‘its’ fabric for other things. So today was spent measuring and working out exactly what it needs. So not much was made but a lot was achieved in terms of Quilt Organisation.


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