The Hundred Day Project Day 8: One I Did Earlier

I’m joining Jane in the Hundred Days Project in the hope of bringing a little discipline into my rather random attempts at oil painting. I certainly don’t do anything well enough to justify pride or vanity and these posts are very definitely about process rather than product.

Over half a century ago I was removed from the art class, which I liked, at the age of thirteen. Instead I was obliged to study classics, for which I showed just sufficient talent to justify snatching me from the Art Hut, a ramshackle corrugated iron structure permeated by the exciting scents of cannabis and Special Brew and supervised by a mad, albeit talented, Welshman specialising in notions of anarchic display.

Jones the Art’s domain overlooked the CCF Parade Ground. Its very presence was felt to undermine the fighting spirit expected of us as cadets and was, at best, merely tolerated by the Headmaster and Governors. Even that was on the grounds that Francis Bacon had once very briefly attended the school, before being expelled on doubtless excellent, but unspecified, grounds.

To this day I am deeply resentful of my treatment but only two years ago did I do anything about it. Even then I only enrolled in a local art class for a couple of hours a week to which have been added the odd day or weekend course and some life drawing on alternate Tuesday evenings.

The results are predictably modest. I can just about manage a landscape or a still life; there’s one I did earlier below. Figure painting is challenging and only one face was properly recognised by its owner.  My drawing in pen and wash or charcoal gives me some pleasure but is generally rated at best as “interesting”  by kind friends and whatever potential print-making may have it will need access to a course and workshop to discover what I can do.

I’m going to try to post one image a day perhaps working around the idea of avenues, with or without figures, in various media but may substitute other topics if the work doesn’t progress as one might hope.



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