The Hundred Day Project Day 14: done for now.

This is the final day of my first week of making. One painting, below, that I’ve been working on all week, could be called “done for now”. That is to say it needs the paint to dry and be set aside for a longish break before I come back to it.  The other version of the trees has had a first coat of paint over the under-drawing and will also re-appear on these pages when I’ve had time to think where it should go next. When it’s my turn again, we’ll start off with something completely different: the results of last Tuesday’s life drawing session, worked up to appear at least vaguely human.

While it’s been harder work than I anticipated, and the results have been far from satisfactory (sometimes they really do look better than this, honest!) it’s also been very worthwhile. In the long run it will pay off in terms of increased application and concentration.

Meantime, over to Jane for tomorrow.



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