The Hundred Day Project Day 15: The First Boat

So far the Project is going well, as both in terms of making and putting up posts. Doing it jointly with Chris makes all the difference; I’m not sure I would be so successful on my own!

The boats take much longer than I had expected. I had assumed that small and relatively simple would equate with quick. In reality they are very fiddly to papier mâché (I’m not sure whether this is a verb or I have just invented it) because they have so many corners. Each one has seven, plus four angles where the mast joins the hull to the sail. So far I am enjoying doing it but it is very time-consuming to ensure that the layers of paper are nicely flat on each side. In a way this is a good thing as it means I won’t just stop the Hundred Day Project on Day 100; the boats will continue long into the summer. Here is the first one, still waiting for its proper paint, mast and flag.


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