The Hundred Day Project Day 18: Multi-Purpose Paint and Candelabra

By the time the last boat has its first layer of paper the first one is dry enough for the second layer. I use brown paper for the first layer and then newspaper. After that I apply a couple of coats of cheap household acrylic primer. I love this paint; I’ve used it as floor paint and on shelves that I can’t be bothered to gloss. On occasion I even use it for its proper purpose – undercoat. It’s a joy to use, provides good coverage and, because it is water-based, the brushes wash easily. At some stage I’m going to see how well it mixes with the more expensive tubes of artist’s acrylic paint.

I have also found the perfect ‘washing line’ on which to hang the boats while they dry. In the summer this candelabra lives on the garden table but, come winter, it never really has a home; now it does.


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