The Hundred Day Project Day 20: A Good Book, a Chocolate Egg and Patchwork Squares

The perfect combination for an Easter Sunday: coffee, chocolate, a good book (The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim) and a little gentle sewing. This was the first time I’d set the blocks of squares out in order and I was pleased to see they went together reasonably well with only two more to complete.

The Enchanted April is the perfect book to read at this time of year; four women, all slightly disillusioned with life, rent a castle in Italy for a month. The castle, its surroundings and its owner are all charming and the book is proof that happy endings are possible. I have deliberately not included an online link; please buy it from your local bookshop or borrow it from your library.  Visiting either will allow unexpected discoveries; books you didn’t know you wanted to read until you accidently chanced upon them in  way that cannot happen on a screen. Also, you would probably miss both more than you realise if they vanished.



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