The Hundred Day Project Day 40: Strange Shapes

The Hepworth inspired shapes have been getting themselves onto canvas. They don’t look anything like Hepworth bronzes, but have been compared to various other things. Jane for example rather meanly suggested that the original charcoal was of a new species of owl. Even in its latest version, at the bottom of the post, the most flattering comment was that they were probably masks. 

The truth is I lack the skill to do a good painting of bronzes, which is technically difficult. At the same time I’ve simply seen an image of the originals in a newspaper and so it is harder to provide an adequate response to the qualities they so manifestly possess: grace, mass, rhythm and menace amongst others.

At this stage I feel these need to dry for some time and when that’s happened it will be time to have a think about whether there’s any point in doing more work on them or whether this painting is one for the bonfire.




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