The Hundred Day Project Day 46: Tiny Quilts

I have fallen in love with the little squares which join everything together. They are 1inch square and I now want to make a quilt of tiny squares or, perhaps, miniature hexagons, dainty diamonds or little random shapes; the list is endless. Ann Wood has been making tiny quilts for the Sock’s family home in Lake Woebegone Pines (if you look at her website all this will become clear). I don’t know a similar family to sew for but I might make a series of little quilts that could eventually be pieced together into a larger one. This has the disadvantage of being yet another quilt-in-progress (looking back to the start of this project, I see I wrote that I have three half-made quilts. This is a blatant lie; there are at least seven) but would be a useful way of using up all the tiny scraps of fabric I have that are too small to use for anything but too nice to throw away.


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