The Hundred Day Project Day 50: Another Coat of Paint

I promised to show what happened to the London sunrise and here it is below. It probably looks better in real life and is nothing special then but nor do I feel it’s a terrible disaster. It’s just the sort of thing you make a couple of years after you start painting. Few sunrises were ever so orange but then as someone said rather doubtfully on looking at “Well of course, it’s a picture.” The word “only” was, just, omitted. 

I scarcely dare tell of the elephant. Its early promise, never more than minimal, became totally snuffed out by the application of black paint (since about 1840, only Malevich and Matisse have been allowed black paint). A coat of grey made things even worse.

I know it is headed for the bonfire, the only question is whether to post an image tomorrow as a terrible reminder that it helps to look at an animal if you want to draw one?



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