The Hundred Day Project Day 57: Doing Too Many Things

The problem with being a jack-of-all-trades is that I can do quite a lot of things, reasonably well. My books, my other work and my ‘making’ all suffer, or benefit, from this, to greater or lesser extents. My last posts here were a typical example. I started a papier mâché castle, continued with the little boats, worked on two separate patchworks and seriously considered starting a third (the mini quilts). In a way this is fine as I am never bored but, combined with being pulled in seven (at a basic count) very different ways with work at the moment, I do spend quite a lot of time gently flapping about what I should be doing and rewriting lists of Things to Do Today. Some things, such as my tax return can remain on the daily list for months. This week here I am going to concentrate on one thing only: the little boats. Apart from anything else, if I don’t get on with them I’ll still be making The Hundred when I’m ninety.


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