The Hundred Day Project Day 63: Bespoke Interior Decoration

A week devoted to boats was meant to see the completion of the River Boat bunting and the start (or even completion) of a mobile with boats eleven to sixteen. Things got in the way but as some of these were playing in my garden on sunny days, I don’t regret them.

The plan was that the little boats would be quick to make, which was why I decided a hundred would be a good idea. In reality they are very fiddly and have multiple stages. Some of these could probably be left out but speed is not the point, these boats are being made purely for my benefit and, although I hope I won’t be, it doesn’t matter if I’m still doing them when I am ninety. Each stage is thoroughly enjoyable and, to be honest, I’m not sure where I’m going to hang all the finished ones, small as they may be. I’ve also discovered that I only enjoy painting them if I have plenty of time – which I didn’t today so I decided to do a little speedy interior decoration on the castle.

I think I’ve worked out which parts will be visible but not get-at-able once it is assembled. I slopped paint on (undercoat and top coat – no skimping here) and the inside walls will now match the charming pink outer brickwork and the tower windows will glow enticingly. After all, this is a friendly castle. The first of the pageant of them (see Day 43).


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