The Hundred Day Project Day 72: My Sewing Machine

The massive sewing frenzy last week was largely made possible by some alterations to my sewing machine. I was given this in the early eighties and have used it ever since. It goes forwards and backwards and does one stitch only but I love it because it is very pretty and does the job. Its one fault was that it had a hideous cream plastic base. A few weeks ago I took it to the Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company to be repaired and casually asked if they could fit a wooden base on it. I knew the answer would be ‘no’ but there, lying up against the counter, was a perfect wooden base. It fitted!! I was astounded but they seemed to assume it would so perhaps all old sewing machines are a standard size. It now sits out proudly on the table all the time, ready to be used, and an added advantage is that the extra weight makes it both quieter and more stable. Because it is so shiny it’s very hard to photograph but, trust me, it’s very pretty!


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