The Hundred Day Project Day 86: A Circus and a Boat

In a way, it is The Night Circus, Erin Morganstern’s first novel, which has caused the present disruption. I read it eight years ago but it has remained one of my favourite books and I have probably recommended it to customers at Hatchards more than any other book. I obviously could not delay reading her second book, and now I also want to reread this one.


The beautiful and magical Cirque des Rèves has black and white stripey tents and is only open at night. Contortionists, illusionists and acrobatic kittens, all black and white, perform during the hours of darkness.

This is the stage on which Celia and Marco, two young magicians, must compete for supremacy, in a contest neither fully understands. A magical love story set in an enchanted circus; what more could you want?

Boat 12


Erin Morganstern, The Night Circus is available in a choice of paperback editions, £8.99. As always please order or buy it from your local bookshop. You’d miss it if it closed.

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