The Hundred Day Project Day 92: This Week’s Possibilities

The next seven days will take up my last full week  of the Hundred Day Project, although Jane and I may have a day or two over before the count reaches 100. I want to work on two possibilities and post images according to how successful, or more likely how disastrous, the results may be.

The first is illustrated below and is the cut out impression of a ring of dancers from a monoprint I did last year. Although I started out from the Matisse that I saw in the Russian exhibition I saw a few years back at the RA these are rather more demonic as well as infinitely less good. They can however be worked up in various media and there is probably enough interest for this to see me through the week if need be. 

The other possibility is more risky. Stubbornness probably gets you nowhere, but I’m foolishly still considering another go at face painting. I’ve started from a Cezanne self portrait, again something I saw at an RA exhibition and illustrated in the relevant catalogue. I’ve got quite a way with this and it’s presently not looking too bad but such things are only too easily spoilt by over-working. I want to get it into a reasonably finished state before risking posting images of its progress. As Donald Trump frequently remarks “We’ll see.”



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