The Hundred Day Project Day 98: A Bit Better But Not Good Enough

It would have been nice to have gone out on a high point but no such luck. The shape of poor Cezanne’s skull has subtly morphed as if he had been subjected to some strange oriental binding operation as a baby. The charcoal marked  up changes have upset the balance of the picture and it looks frankly squashed. His ear is now roughly in the right place although a bit big and not very ear like, while his left eye isn’t the same colour as his right one and isn’t looking in quite the same direction as the other. It can all be mended but I’m out of time and this is my last post! 

So the question is, why persist with this when I can turn out much better landscapes and still lives? Stubbornness apart, I think the answer is that I need to be taught; there are many good and reasonably priced courses around and if I haven’t done some practise first then there won’t be a basis for any teaching.

Although many of the images I’ve posted have been unsatisfactory nonetheless completing my half of the project (Jane takes over for the last two posts tomorrow) has been a worthwhile project and a discipline in itself. From time to time, when the results justify it, I may still post further images in the Making section in the hopes I’ll be able to look back and see some progress in say a year’s time. 


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