Each Month in my Garden: June

I have just realised that with the excitement (and smugness) at having completed the Hundred Day Project I forgot about my garden in June. Luckily I took photos as I realise the garden changes a lot each month at this time of year. The main bed looks positively empty compared with how it is now.

Briefly, the Gladiolus ‘Nanus Nymph’ (another triumph from de Jager Bulbs) were spectacular. The photo doesn’t do them justice at all, partly because it kept raining on them. Next year I shall order lots more and have a striking pink garden in June.


The Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ was planted years ago and I have spent ages trying to get rid of it as it’s a bit of a thug in my one sunny (and small) flowerbed. But the buds are beautiful and I love the way the brilliant flowers swoop above everything else. I think it’s earned its place for another year.

Matilda is taking her gardening duties very seriously; she has almost learnt that she can eat her grasses but nothing else. 

Sadly she hasn’t yet learnt that you shouldn’t stand on plants whilst eating them.






At the time I thought the garden was looking very full, only now, a month later, I realise that at this point it was actually very neat and controlled.


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