Summer Drawing Course at Heatherley’s

Those of you who followed the One Hundred Days of Making earlier this year may have noticed that the standard of my life drawing was somewhere between bad and very indifferent.

Aware of this, I enrolled for a week’s summer school at Heatherley’s in Chelsea ( which is a proper art college situated in the Lots Road and run on traditional, but certainly not rigid, lines. The results were what the doctors call “a worthwhile improvement”, and I would be happy to recommend the courses there to anyone who’s willing to put in the necessary effort and work steadily. 

Over the coming couple of weeks I’ll add to this post and put up one or two images from the results of the week each time. The one below was done in cheap chalks on equally cheap sugar paper and we were given about ten minutes for the two images. It’s worth pointing out though that we were working on full A1 size paper and standing at proper easels. We also had a very good model.


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