Making Week 14: Two for the Price of One

For about three years this partly-made patchwork has hung over the door. Originally, when I was going to move to the seaside and have a proper spare room it was going to be one of a pair on the spare beds. There would be a countryside counterpart to the seaside quilt to reflect the dual aspects that my life would have. The seaside patchwork was great fun to plan and was finished comparatively quickly. I quilted with waves and I like the back almost as much as the front. Slightly embarrassingly, I have enough sea-sidey fabric left to make at least one more quilt, if not two. I appreciate the photos would look better if I had ironed the quilt but I had pushed the cat off the bed to take them and if I then took this quilt off, ironed it and turfed her off again (she is sitting pointedly very near the bed) I would have been even more unpopular than I already am. Think well-used rather than crumpled.

The meadow quilt was more problematic. When I decided not to move I tried to convert it into a bedspread for my bed but the central panel was the wrong shape and as I had run out of the background fabric I couldn’t alter it. Every few months I would get it down, replan it, add a few more patches and then hang it back on the door when it didn’t really improve. Today I finally faced the fact that it will never work as it is and unpicked the central part, leaving me with a future meadow-patterned picnic rug or tablecloth and four much more useful strips of patchwork which have the potential to be joined together into a far better quilt. There are a lot of ragged edges but can be fixed. I’m regarding the whole thing as a step forwards rather than back. 


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