Making February: Maps on Sails

I think I have come up with an idea that could revolutionise sailing: maps on sails. No more poring over charts or having to ‘go below’ to check one’s course; my plan would have the map right there on the sail, ready to be consulted at any time. To be honest, I can’t think why it hasn’t been done already (to be fair, I am not a sailor, so there may be practical hitches but, from my desk, I honestly can’t see them).

I have to admit, the idea came about by chance; I’d saved the pictures from last year’s calendar as they seemed too good to throw away and they were lying in a pile near the half-painted sails. These boats complete the bathroom fleet and hide the central light, which I’ve never liked. For those of you who are counting; they are numbers 16-19 of the second fifty.


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