Month: March 2022

Pleasure of the Week: 1 Happy Poems

These posts have become very neglected. This is partly because WordPress has changed and my technological ineptitude and intolerance means I haven’t mastered it. The main reason though, is that I love Instagram which, thanks to tutoring by my goddaughter, I have mastered. Anyway I am making a New Year’s Resolution to post more here. I know it is March but that means I won’t give up in January or February. Also I have decided to put up a brief post each week and there are forty weeks left in 2022 which seems like a neat number. Each week I’m going to post something, probably book, food or gardening related which has given me pleasure.

This week it is the cover of my forthcoming anthology, A Happy Poem to End Every Day. These colours aren’t quite accurate; trust me, it is a beautiful, jolly yellow with brilliant birds flying all over it. There 366 delightful poems which will make you smile. Batsford are publishing it and it’s coming this autumn.