Pleasure of the Week 4: Tulips

I tend to treat tulips as annuals, buying new ones each year. They are always planted in pots so they are never planted really deeply and I tend to disturb them during the year when I plant other things so they never last. I only have a few so it isn’t that expensive and it means I can enjoy new combinations each year. I have about six old plastic flower pots that I use – David Austen rose pots are particularly good as they are deep and slot neatly in between other pots. This way I can plant them in November, leave them somewhere reasonably sunny but inconspicuous and then bring them out in spring for their moment of glory.

This year I’ve got ‘Couleur Cardinal’ with ‘Prinses Irene’, ‘Rems Favourite’ with ‘Continental’ and ‘Helmar’ with ‘Flaming Parrot’. I’m still waiting for the parrots to open but the others are brightening the garden beautifully.


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