About us

We have written books on practical gardening, cookery, the history of gardens and crafts. We work on any size of garden, advising clients and creating and maintaining gardens that suit them. Above all we believe in cultivating the good things in life: gardening, cookery and craft.

Jane’s family come from the west coast of Scotland, where she still has a small estate, entitling her to be called Mistress Hunter of Hafton, a title few including her take seriously.

After studying History at Edinburgh University and Ceramics at Goldsmith’s College, London, Jane went to work at Hatchards Bookshop in London, where she has remained, on and off, for over thirty years. She has written for the National Trust and worked at the Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace Flower Shows. She has also edited several anthologies of poetry. Contrary to appearances Jane does also work in the garden. 

Chris comes from a family of gardeners who founded and ran Bees Seeds, a major U.K. horticultural company. He studied English at York University and holds an MBA from the French Grande École, EAP.

For many years he lived and worked in Italy, a country that he loves and understands. He is particularly interested in Italian garden history, and the in way in which artisan food production influences and informs Italy’s numerous regional cuisines. When not gardening, he also works as a management consultant, specializing in technology start-ups and funding.

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