A Hundred Days Of Making Day 84: A Botanical Plate?

This painting of squashes and gourds was put together very quickly after a buying raid on the local farm shop last October. Individually they’re reasonably satisfactory, but arranged against a slightly suspect blue background as if they were going to be the subject of an illustrated plate for a book entitled Growing Pumpkins and Squashes For The Amateur Gardener.

It would have worked better not only with the composition adjusted but with fewer colours on the palette, but like yesterday’s subject it’s acceptably good within its terms of reference.


A Hundred Days Of Making Day 83: Something A Bit More Peaceful

While I get my act together on portraiture, and have to recognise my painting fell off the edge about a week ago and has yet to recover, I’ve raided the reserves of old paintings. This one was done last year around Remembrance Day, hence the poppies, the gourds and contrast between the decaying fruits and the glossy Worcester bowl.

It’s certainly not a great picture, but unlike the last piece of face painting, it works OK within its limitations. Tomorrow, more gourds and squashes, but looking a bit more botanical.


The Hundred Day Project Day 79: The Uses Of White Chalk

The long work of altering the canvas began with some blackboard chalk, which leaves no permanent marks when used to show corrections on top of dried paint and can be easily blown off and even painted over. The markings are fairly rudimentary but I can already see that getting the position and structure of the eyes and eye sockets won’t be as easy as I had hoped.

The only thing that is certain is that there is a lot more work to do on this poor painting!


The Hundred Day Project Day 78: Back To Basics

One of the problems with face painting is that it is very difficult. Another is that it is extremely time consuming. A third is that it requires accuracy to be credible. None of these are naturally suited to my rather slapdash temperament, but the last image was so awful something had to be done.

Having messed it up completely first time and largely the next I decided I would have to take it slowly and carefully. The first stage was a soft pencil drawing, which you can see below, not great and downright poor around the eyes but with things roughly in the right place. From there I’m going, starting tomorrow,  to correct the basic dimensions and planes of the painting using white chalk, which leaves no trace when blown off as the paint goes on.

We shall see what improvement, if indeed any, occurs.


The Hundred Day Project Day 75: Undressed Boats

This was meant to be a day of finishing boats. Unfortunately I forgot to allow any drying time: for wallpaper paste, glue or paint, and misjudged how long it would take to ‘quickly dead head the rose’ which has suffered in the recent rain and wind and is now more horizontal than vertical and blocking most of the pavement. So far passers-by seem to have forgiven it because it smells heavenly but as the aforementioned rain and wind now have blown away most of the petals, the same passers-by may not be so tolerant of its prickles. So instead of completed Boats 6-10 here are Boats 6-22, in varying stages of undress.