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For the Love of an Orchard

The traditions of fruit growing and the stories of the individual fruits are described in this book, which also includes cultivation advice and delicious recipes. From single trees to majestic orchards, fruit trees and their harvests are within the reach of everyone. Chris & Jane


Teach Yourself Basic Gardening

This shows you how to turn a muddy patch of ground into the garden of your dreams, even if you don’t think you know anything about gardening. It explains how to look after your garden, crucially giving as much importance to sitting and enjoying it as to weeding. Chris & Jane

The Tiny Garden

Balconies, passages, light wells, patios, window ledges, basements, the tops of fire escapes – no site is too small for a garden. Don’t think that a tiny garden is just about plants in pots; with a little lateral thinking, you can fit in a water feature, a children’s play area – and even a lawn! Jane

The National Trust Kitchen Garden Cookbooks


Long before their comforting role as chips, potatoes had ancient origins in South America. This book explains how easy it is to grow them, describing the best cultivars to choose. Mouth-watering recipes, pretty illustrations and descriptions of potato-filled gardens to visit make this the perfect present for any potato lover. Jane


From their origin in the Andes tomatoes have spread to all our gardens; everyone can grow them, even if you only have a window sill. This little book includes the story of how they came to Britain, their cultivation and gives delicious recipes for your harvests. Jane


Prospect Books: The English Kitchen

Quinces: Growing and Cooking

An undeservedly forgotten, or even unknown fruit, quinces are a delight in both the garden and kitchen. They have a fascinating history, grow on pretty trees and are perfect in savoury dishes and drinks as well as cakes and crumbles. Jane & Sue Dunster

Berries: Growing and Cooking

Berries have been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries, either picked from hedgerows or carefully cultivated. They taste good, grow easily on plants which look good and even do you good. Jane & Sally Hughes

Nuts: Growing and Cooking

Nut trees need not just be for your grandchildren, you can harvest some within a year. With their stories, cultivation advice and over seventy recipes this is the ideal book for all nutters (those who harvest nuts, rather than nut cases). Jane & Sally Hughes

Cherries & Mulberries: Growing and Cooking

Cherries and mulberries have much in common: they grow on beautiful trees, have intriguing histories and, perhaps most importantly they are both are fleeting visitors to our kitchens in summer. Read about cherry blossom festivals, the fascinating story of silk, learn how to grow these delightful trees and enjoy over fifty delicious recipes. Jane & Sally Hughes

Jane’s Anthologies

Twelve anthologies containing wonderful pieces of poetry and prose with old favourites alongside new discoveries. Whether you want a a piece describing the beauties of London, one which will celebrate a family event or commemorate the trials of the First World War, you will find it in one of these books.

Our books are obviously available through a variety of channels, but please support your local bookshop, you might miss it if it goes.

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