Jane’s Anthologies

One day in the offices of Pavilion Books the gardening editor was having coffee with the poetry editor. ‘We’re thinking of publishing an anthology of poems about London,’ the poetry editor said. ‘Do you know anyone who might be interested in editing it?’

‘Oh yes,’ said the gardening editor, ‘My author Jane is bound to be interested. She lives in London, works part-time in a bookshop and I’m sure she reads lots of poetry.’

Being a bit of a jack of all trades and filled with boundless enthusiasm, I said I’d love to edit the anthology. The books below are the result of that coffee break.

Where possible I have chosen the version of the piece closest to that which the author originally wrote. If everything is reduced to an easy read the progress of time is rendered meaningless and much of the beauty and mystery of words is lost.

Ode to London, 2012, 2018 Batsford £9.99, £7.99

Favourite Poems of England, 2014, 2017, Batsford £14.99, £9.99

First World War Poems, 2014, National Trust Books £12.99

Classic Readings and Poems for Life, 2014, Batsford £14.99

Favourite Poems, September 2017 National Trust Books £9.99

A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year, 2018 Batsford £18.99

Friends: A Poem for Every Day of the Year, 2019 Batsford £20

A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year, 2020, Batsford £20

Nature Writing, 2021, Batsford £20

Bedside Companion for Gardeners, 2021, Batsford £20

A Happy Poem to End Every Day, 2022, Batsford £20

Bedside Companion for Book Lovers, 2022, Batsford £20

A Nature Poem for Every Winter Evening, 2022, Batsford £14.99